Cash Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A Cash receipt template is a general-purpose cash receipt document used by traders, shops and for other commercial purpose. The template contains details of cash paid, provision of payment and the individual or firms associated with the deal. There can be various different types of cash receipt template and one can use them as per their requirements.

Sample Cash Receipt Template

Name of the firm___________
Address___________ Phone_________ Email_____________ Fax________
(Here the name and contact details of receipt issuing authority will appear.)
Receipt serial number____________
Receipt date___/___/___
(General information about receipt will appear.)
Name of customer___________
Address_________ Phone___________ Email_________
(Here the general information about the customer will appear.)
Purchased goods list: __________________
Total units___________
Size_________ Model____________ Batch number___________
Rate per item____________ per unit________________
(This is an impotent section, which provides details of purchased goods, their specification and prices.)
Dues, if any___________ Credited amount if asked by customer_______________
Total amount____________
(This part shows the final amount for payment.)
A sum of_______________ received by_________ (Signature of customer)
Signature of cashier____________ Date___/___/___

Download Cash Receipt Template in Word Format

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