Equipment Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

An equipment receipt template will help you in drafting an equipment receipt against the equipments you have received from a supplier. You will need this template whenever you receive equipments from a party and you have to give them a receipt against the merchandise.

Sample Equipment Receipt Template

Invoice No. __________________ (No. of the invoice against which you have received the equipments)
Date ____/____/____ (Date on which the equipments have been received)
Details of equipments received _______________________________ (Here the person has to mention what exactly they have received)
Quantity _________________________ (Quantity of the equipments you have received)
Equipments received for __________________________ (Equipments will be used in the making of what articles)
Amount payable _________________ (For the equipments)
Payment made or not _______________________ (Whether payment has been made for the equipments or not)
Payment details ___________________________ (If payment has been made, then indicate the mode of payment)
(Sign of the person who is filling the receipt template)

Download Equipment Receipt Template in Word Format

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