Food Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A food receipt template is a ready to use document that defines the format of the food receipt. These types of receipts are issued by restaurants and such organization that provide food delivery at a certain place. The template describes the details of food and the amount charged for the same.

Sample Food Receipt Template

Name of the receipt issuing organization/company______________
Address_________ Phone_________ Email_________
(Here the name and contact details of food provider will appear.)
Receipt number__________
Receipt date___/___/___
(Here the receipt details will be appearing.)
Name of customer__________
Type of food_____________ Total number of plates____________ number of dishes/cuisines_________
(This section will show the description of food ordered by customer.)
Total cost of food___________ extra charges for supplementary dishes_________
Delivery charges______________
Total sum of___________ received by__________ (Name of payee) for the above described meal on ___/___/__ at ________ (time/hours).
(This section gives information regarding food bill, payee name and date/time of payment.)
Payment mode: cash/Credit card___________
Credit card number________ company_________ bank account number_________
(This section mention the information of credit card if the payment done by card.)
Download Food Receipt Template in Word Format

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