Garage Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A Garage receipt template is prepared by maintenance and repair shops for their clients. The template gives description about the services hired by customers and the money they paid. The garage receipt is mainly related with vehicles or some heavy machines.

Sample Garage Receipt Template

Name of the garage___________
Address__________ Phone__________ Email_______
(This section mentions the name and contact details of garage who has issued a receipt.)
Receipt serial number___________
Receipt date___/___/___ (General information regarding receipt.)
Customer name__________ Address________ Phone_________ Email________
(Here the name and contact details of customer will appear.)
Services hired for Vehicle/Machine_______ Type of vehicle/machine_________
(Description of vehicle/machine.)
Services given: repair/oiling_______________
Maintenance of vehicle/machine___________________
(This section describes those tasks that were performed on vehicle/machines.)
In charge of garage___________
Maintenance engineer/mechanic_____________
(Details of garage staff.)
Cost of maintenance___________
Cost of other expenses/replacement_____________________
Total amount_____________ (details of expenses.)
Total sum of __________ Received by__________ on ___/___/___
(This section provides information about final payment with customer name and date.)
Payment mode: Cash/Cheque/Card__________ (Details of payment mode.)

Download Garage Receipt Template in Word Format

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