Online Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

An online receipt template is a format according to which an online receipt can be drafted. This kind of template is used by online companies whenever you purchase from their website and send them payment through the Internet. This template will include the details of the items that you have purchased and their price.

Sample Online Receipt Template

Name of Company ___________________________ (Name of the company from which you have purchased the goods)
Name of Product _______________________________ (Details of the products that you have purchased)
Price per unit __________________________________ (Price per unit of the product that you have purchased)
Quantity purchased ________________________________ (Number of products that you have purchased
Total amount paid _________________________________ (Total amount that you have paid against the goods)
Credit Card no. ___________________________________ (Credit card from which you have made the payment)
Bank Name ______________________________________ (Bank which has issued you the credit card)
Delivery will be made to you within the specified number of days.

Download Online Receipt Template in Word Format


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