Online Rent Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

An online rent receipt template is a format in which your owner will send you an online rent receipt, in return of the rent you send to him. This document will contain the details of the property, information about the lease and a proof that the tenant has paid the rent for the specific month. Here is an online rent receipt template which can be of help to you and to your landlord too.

Sample Online Rent Receipt Template

Date _______________________________ (Date on which receipt is being prepared)
Rent for the month of _________________ (Name of month for which rent is paid)
Address of the Property _______________________________________
(Address of the rented property)
Name of the Tenant ___________________________________________ [Name of the tenant]
Name of the Owner ___________________________________________ [Name of the property owner]
Monthly Rent Amount _________________________________________
It is to inform that I have received full and final rent of the property mentioned above till the month of _______________

Download Online Rent Receipt Template in Word Format

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