Vehicle Sales Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A Vehicle sales receipt template is a document which specifies the format in which a vehicle sales receipt is designed. These types of templates are used by the companies that sale various different types of vehicles.

Sample Vehicle Sales Receipt Template

Name of the Shop/Company__________
Address__________ Phone_________ Email________ Fax__________
(Here the title and contact details of company will appear.)
Receipt serial number___________
Receipt date__/___/__
(General information about receipt.)
Customer name___________
Mailing address__________ Phone_________ Email_________
(This section provide name and contact details of customer.)
Type of vehicle__________
Brand_______ Model__________ Color__________
Bath number_________ Show room Price____________
(Here the specification of vehicle needs to be filled.)
Vehicle accessories provided with the model______________
Extra charges___________
(This section provides information about the vehicle accessories and their charges.)
Guarantee card number__________ Warrantee card number__________
(Details of guarantee/warrantee cards.)
Grand total___________
Payment mode: Cash/Cheque/Credit card__________
In case of card: card number__________ Bank account number__________ (here the details of total bill and payment process will be shown.)
A sum of ____________ received.

Download Vehicle Sales Receipt Template Template in Word Format

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