Chef Resume Template

July 2, 2011

This chef resume template is useful for the chefs who want to apply for jobs in hotels, restaurants, motels and banquet halls. The resume includes the chef’s culinary excellence and expertise in preparing the best and mouthwatering dishes along with their strengths, specialties, qualifications, experience and distinctions.

Sample Chef Resume Template

Objective: I wish to serve by presenting my best culinary skills and tingle taste buds of one and all on a platter and to make the establishment a special taste hub. I believe in serving the quantity without compromising on quality as well as being very careful about health and sanitation issues.
Specialty Dishes:
Previous Employment:
TV Shows:
Name of Show            Channel             Date               Time
_______________    _________         _________    _________
Educational Qualifications:
Institute     Course               Degree/Diploma   year of passing      Percentage
_________     ________       __________       __________           ___________

Download Chef Resume Template in Word Format

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