Secretary Resume Template

July 2, 2011

A secretary resume template is used by those people who wish to apply for the secretarial position in an origination. Since secretary is an important position in any company thus the resume template for the same should showcase various needed qualities like communication, interpersonal, management and other skills.

Sample Secretary Resume template

Email id: __________________________________
Career Objective:
I wish to work at a secretarial position in an organization where I am given an opportunity to serve to the best of my capabilities for the growth of the organization as well as my career.
School Name                              Year of Passing           Percentage
_____________________             _____________          __________%
[In dd/mm/yy format]
Professional Qualifications
Institute                             Year of Passing                   Percentage
_______________________          _______________                       _________%
[in dd/mm/yy format]
Skills [ mention the skill like typing and others]
Work Experience [ Start from the current job]
Name of Organization          Tenure                       Reporting to
_______________________          __________________  _____________
Computer Knowledge
Languages Known
English               Speak                Write         Both
Hindi                 Speak                Write         Both
French                       Speak                Write         Both
Available on request

Download Secretary Resume Template in Word Format

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