Customer Satisfaction survey template

July 2, 2011

A customer satisfaction survey template will provide you the reference to prepare customized customer satisfaction survey form as per your needs and requirements.

Sample Customer satisfaction survey template:

Name: __________________ (Mention the name of the customer taking survey)
Age: __________________ (Mention the age of the customer)
Gender: ___________________ (Mention the gender of the customer)
Contact Information: ___________________ (Mention the contact info)
Email Id: __________________ (Mention the email)
1. The first question should be about an overall rating of the satisfaction with the company
a)_____________ (provide rating option here)
2. This question should highlight about recommending the product to others
a) ___________ (provide the willingness i.e. Yes/No/Neutral here)
3. This question emphasize on the usage of the product/service
a) _______________ (provide the options in months/year)
4. This question is about asking the satisfaction rate of the product
a) _______________ (provide rating option such as Bad, Good, Excellent, Outstanding)
6. This question would be inquiring a customer if he/she is interested    in similar products from other competitive company
a) ___________ (provide reply options i.e. Yes/ No)
7. The final question should be about giving suggestions for improvement if any

Download Marketing Survey Template in Word Format

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