Customer Service survey template

July 2, 2011

A customer service survey template is a ready to use document for assessing the satisfaction level of a customer with regards to services. This type of surveys helps service provider to know the experience of the customers and needed changes.

Sample Customer service survey template:

Name: ____________________ (name of the person filling the survey)
Age: _____________________ (age of the person)
Gender: __________________ (gender of the person)
Contact information & telephone no: ______________ (contact info of the person)
Email id: ______________ (email id of the person)
1. The opening question is about, how did the customer came to know about the services.
a) ___________ (provide options such as advertisement, website, newspaper, social media)
2. This question is about upon approaching how the experience was.
a) ____________ (provide options such as satisfactory/un-satisfactory)
b) ____________
3. This question is about rating an overall quality of service.
a) ____________ (provide the options i.e. poor, fair, average, good, excellent)
4. The next question is about recommending the services to your friends or relatives.
a) ___________ (provide option i.e. Yes/No)
5. The last question should ask the customer about what all changes they would like to have in the services for better experience.
Download Customer Service survey template in Word Format

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