Market Research Survey Template

July 2, 2011

A market research template is a document which is used by an organization so as to do research about his products or services. This type of template is a ready to use document and helps in estimating the current market position of a product/services.

Sample Marketing Research Template:

Name: __________________ (Mention the name of the customer taking survey)
Age: __________________ (Mention the age of the customer)
Gender: ___________________ (Mention the gender of the customer)
Contact Information: ___________________ (Mention the contact info)
Email Id: __________________ (Mention the email)
Profession: _________________ (Mention the profession he/she is in)
1. The first question should be related to the reason behind buying a particular product/service.
2. This question should ask the customer about his overall satisfaction with that particular product or services.
3. This question should ask the customer as what are the best features of the product
4. This question should enquire about the price satisfaction about the product or service
a) _____________ (provide option of Yes/ No)
b) ____________
5. The last question should enquire what all changes a customer wish to have in product/service for better experience and satisfaction level.

Download Market Research Survey Template in Word Format

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