Meeting memo template

June 24, 2011

A meeting memo is an effective way of communicating about a meeting that will be held within an organization. It should be kept short and to the point.Remember to include the date, venue and objective of the meeting. A meeting memo does not have to be signed, but if it is signed or contains the name of the writer, it seems friendlier. Below is a sample meeting memo template.

Sample Meeting Memo Template

Company logo: ______________________________________________________

Company name: _____________________________________________________

Telephone no: _______________________________________________________

E-mail: ____________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________

To: ________________________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________________

Re: _____________________________________________________

Meeting Memo

Please plan to attend the following meeting:

Date: _____________________________________________

Subject of meeting: _________________________________

Venue: ____________________________________________

Time (Start of meeting): ________________________________

Time (End of meeting): _________________________________

Agenda Items


Objectives of the meeting


Format of meeting


Download Meeting memo template in Word Format



Incoming Sample Templates:

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