Office Memo Template

June 24, 2011

An office memo template is a handy guide for a company or business to come up with their own office memo.  An office memo is a useful tool in communicating internally within an office.  This office memo can be written in a simple and slightly informal manner.  It is handy for frequent communication within the office. Below is a sample office memo template.

Sample office memo template

It is important to indicate which department the person writing the memo works for.  This ensures that no misunderstandings or misinformation occurs.

Department: _____________________ Job title: __________________

Date: ___________________________

To: _____________ (this states who the memo is written to.)

From: ___________ (this states who wrote the memo.)

Date: ____________ (this states exactly when the memo was written.)

Re: ______________ (this states the subject matter dealt with in the memo.)

CC: ______________ (this states other recipients who will get a copy of the memo.)


This part indicates the purpose of the memo.  It can be detailed or general.

Download Office Memo Template in Word Format


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