Powerpoint Quiz Template

July 1, 2011

A PowerPoint Quiz Template is used to assess Powerpoint knowledge of an individual. These types of templates can be used in schools, colleges and even in other organization.

Sample PowerPoint Quiz Template:

Name of the participant: _________________
Concept of the PowerPoint quiz; ____________
Date: _____/ _____/ _____ [write the basic details of the participant]
Please choose an appropriate option as your answer:
Q1. PowerPoint is a helpful:
•    Tool
•    Program
•    Software
•    Application
•    No one of these
Q2. Which of the following givens can be easily created with PowerPoint?
•    A photo slide with captions
•    A business process template
•    Hyperlink empowered educational presentations
•    All of the above mentioned
Q3.  In a PowerPoint presentation, the first slide always represents:
•    Introduction to the project
•    Contact details of the authority
•    Brief overview of the entire slide
Q4. In a PowerPoint presentation, you can perform:
•    Animating texting
•    Diverse slide views
•    Task assignment
•    All of these
Q5. What is the accurate procedure of preparing diagrams in a PowerPoint?
•    Implementing Auto shape tools
•    Using diagram gallery
•    Using drawing toolbar

Download Powerpoint Quiz Template in Word Format

Incoming Sample Templates:

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