Beauty Salon Website Template

July 5, 2011

A Beauty Salon website template is a document showing the contents and outline of a beauty salon website. Essentially the website should display the services with attractive pictures, useful tips, and contact details. The location of various beauty salons of the company which is nearest to the customer should also be made available.

Sample beauty salon website template:

Name of the website:   ___________________________________ [With a logo]
About Us
___________________________________ [Very short 1-2 line introduction]
Explore our shades
For face:    _______________________________ [E.g. Foundation/ Compact]
For lips:     _______________________________ [E.g. Dark / Light shades and colours]
For eyes:   _______________________________ [E.g. Eyeliners, Mascara, eye colours]
For nails:    _______________________________ [E.g Nail colour, nail polish remover]
Skin Smart
_________________________________________________ [Like sunscreens, fairness creams, moisturisers]
Tips and Tricks [For face, lips, eyes, and nails]
Ask an expert
Make up:   Email: ____________ SMS: _____________ Call: ____________
Skin Care:  Email: ____________ SMS: _____________ Call: ____________
Latest Styles [Emphasise with pictures and short descriptions]
Beauty trends:            ____________________________________________________
Fashion shows:    ____________________________________________________
Bridal trends:              ____________________________________________________
Locate your nearest salon
Location: _________________________
Address: _________________________________

Download Beauty Salon Website Template in Word Format

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