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July 5, 2011

A Blog website template is a sample template showing the design and documentation of a blog website. The contents should contain the posts starting from the latest posts. There can be advertisements and links with social networking sites. All posts are to be shown in the form of various categories and subcategories.

Sample Blog website template:

Name of the blog:       ___________________________________
Latest Post
_________________________________________________ [Show the post with an image if available]
Add new comment
_________________________________________________ [Provided for the reader]
Showing other comments
Name: _________ Comment: __________________________
Name: _________ Comment: __________________________
Name: _________ Comment: __________________________
Recent Posts
_________________________________________________________ [Like / Share]
Author (s)
_________________________________________________________ [Put click buttons on the names to show more]
[Put advertisements]                    Categories
1.    _________________ [Main category]
i)     ______________ [Showing Subcategories]
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