Company Website Template

July 4, 2011

A Company website template is the layout of a company’s website, which contains various news, events and information related to the company. This kind of website give detailed overview of a company to its prospective client and employees.

Sample Company Website Template

Company name _____________________________________
Contact us __________________________
Board of director:
Name of the Founder __________________
Message from the founder _________________________
Name of the managing director ________________________
Message from the managing director _____________________
Name of the manager _______________
Message from the manager _____________________
Services we provide: [mention about the services provided by the company]
Service 1 ____________________________________
Service 2 ___________________________________
Clients Review on us: [mention the client’s review on the company’s services]
News: [mention the detailed news about the company]
News 1 ____________________________________
News 2 ____________________________________
News 3 ____________________________________
Upcoming plans of the company: [mention about the upcoming plans of the company this interests the prospective clients and increase the marketing]
Upcoming plan 1 _____________________________
Upcoming plan 2 _____________________________

Download Company Website Template in Word Format

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