Karate Website Template

July 5, 2011

A Karate website template is a draft document that can be used to design a karate website. The template provides basic structure of links and pages that a karate website requires.

Sample Karate Website Template

Title of Website____________
Website Introduction____________
Location_________ Insert an Image_______________
Click on below links to get more information (This section provide information about various pages/sections of website).
About Us.
Training Process
Various programmes suitable for different people
Our Mentors and Team
Training Centers.
Karate Videos.
Admission Dates and Schedule_________________
Click on below links to get register _____________
Click below to get information on various karate competitions/tournaments___________________
Click below to read the Interviews of karate Masters________________
Click here to read Articles by Karate Experts_____________________
Click below to view the previous students_____________
Click here to know about our overseas centers and branches________________
Website and activities in news_______________
Rewards and recognitions___________________
Register yourself to the site__________________
Join us on Social Networking Sites___________________

Download Karate Website Template in Word Format

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