Law Website Template

July 5, 2011

A Law website template provides a basic yet well enough structure for creating a law website.  The template shows all those sections and field that are necessary for law website and those services/facilities it offers to users.

Sample Law Website

Title of Website___________
Head Line___________________ Introduction of Website_____________
Insert an Image here_____________
Sight Map____________
Click here to see the various links of legal departments and ministries ___________________
Click here to read the types of legal agreements_______________
Link to the legal forms and applications___________________
Click here to read the Non Resident Citizen related policies and immigration laws___________________________
Click here to view the yearly calendar of Court___________
Click here to view taxation related laws and legal expert advise______________
Click here to view the company laws of country__________________
Click here to get free online legal advice on various issues/matters____________
Click here to make a user account and site registration___________________
Click here to read the draft and important sections of recently passed legislations_________________________

Download Law Website Template in Word Format

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