Lawyer website Template

July 5, 2011

A Lawyer website template is a ready to use document for designing and developing a website for lawyers. The template shows those fields that are useful for showing law related service information

Sample Lawyers Website Template

Name of the Lawyer for whom the site is made
Introduction of the lawyer____________
Educational qualification of the lawyer__________________
List of Achievements of the lawyer ___________________________
Click below buttons to access the various sections/pages of the site: — (this section helps the user to know the details about site).
Home Page
About US
Our Services
Expert Advice
Contact US
Click below to see sample legal document _________________
Click here to participate in legal forums and discussion boards__________________
Click here to write in blogs____________________
Click below to read common corporate legal issues and problems__________________
Browse the legal information by topic/subject______________
Click here to make user account and registration on site________________
Click below links to see what is new on site____________________
Click to subscribe the newsletter______________________________

Download Lawyer website Template in Word Format

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