Library Website Template

July 5, 2011

A Library website template provides a ready to use draft document for making a library website. The template should contain all the information regarding the concerned library like its history, collection of book and other data.

Sample Library Website Template

Title of Website________________
Introduction of Library___________ [Here the history of the library is mentioned]
Insert an Image____________
Site Map__________
Click below to visit major pages of site__________
About US
Online Book List
Discussion Board
Book Club
Latest published Book List
Recently Added
Click here to make user account and get register_____________
Click here to read books online _____________________
Click here to chat with authors_________________
Click here to search books by Author name___________
Click here to search by topic/subject_______________
Click to view the popular book list________________
Click here to buy books online_____________________
Click to view the major book shelves_________________
Click here to view the video clips of prominent authors___________________
Video gallery of poems__________________
Visit the list of active members_________________
Help and Assistance Section________________
Blogs and Groups________________
Follow us on _______________________

Download Library Website Template in Word Format

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