School Website Template

July 4, 2011

A School website template is the layout of a school’s website for bringing students, teachers and parents together. Moreover, this is one of the effective ways through which the school authority can pervade its good will and other information to the interested parent’s of prospective students.

Sample School Website Template

Name of the school ____________________________________________________
Contact us at __________________________________________
Recent Activities: [this section must content the news of the recent activities by the students]
Recent Activity 1 ______________________________
Venue of recent activity 1 __________________________________
Recent Activity 2 ______________________________
Venue of recent activity 2 __________________________________
Recent Activity 3 ______________________________
Venue of recent activity 3 __________________________________
Admission Procedure:
•    For admission in kindergarten ___________________________
•    For admission in secondary ______________________
•    For admission in senior secondary ___________________________
Fees Structure
•    Monthly fees structure for kindergarten students________________________
•    Monthly fees structure for secondary students ____________________
•    Monthly fees structure of senior secondary students_____________________

Download School Website Template in Word Format

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