Accounts Receivable Manager CV Template

July 6, 2011

The Accounts Receivable Manager is responsible for monetizing accounts receivable from interbranch collectibles, inventory sales, or asset disposals by ensuring timely payment collection in accordance with contractual payment terms.  He is also responsible for disposing uncollectible accounts at the earliest possible timeframe. Accounts posted from contracted 30 to 90-day payment terms and loan payments are accounted as receivables.

Sample Accounts Receivable Manager CV Template

Bridget L. Langley
Mornington St., London
Phone: 020-6988-3254
[email protected]
To occupy a Accounts Receivables Manager for a transportation store
Professional Experience
2000 – Present:  Accounts Receivables Manager, Tran World Freight, London
•    Monitor aging of receivables shipper account and ensure prompt collection with the late payment surcharges if warranted.
•    Supervise a team of account collection officers
•    Maintain good relations with 3rd party collection agencies when required.
•    Sell uncollectible accounts at discounted values to 3rd party collectors to recover operational cost.
•    Coordinate with billing in the collection and negotiation of uncollectible accounts from shippers for possible re-scheduling.
•    Implement corporate policies in handling, collecting and disposing accounts receivables.
•    Excellent eye for detail and computational accuracy
•    Excellent computer literacy with knowledge on accounting module of ERP system
•    Excellent people management, verbal and written communication skills to interact with customers and 3rd party collectors
•    Excellent negotiation and diplomatic skills when collecting due payments.
Cited with management commendations for fast accounts receivable aging and conversion to cash payments
2001:  Passed Certified Public Accountant licensure.
1997 – 2000: BA in Commerce (undergraduate), University of Brighton, UK
To be furnished upon request

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