Education Newsletter Template

June 10, 2011

An education newsletter template is of exclusive benefit to the concerned educational institute/business house as it presents with a well drafted format of newsletter regarding any topic, general or particular, about the matters related directly to the sector of education. The concerned educational body/institute/company has a priority to keep in touch on a regular basis with the faculty, students, guardians of the students and relevant clients and due to this issuing newsletter with the help of an education newsletter template is very advantageous.
Sample education newsletter template:

Name of the educational institute: _________________   (the registered name)

Address of the educational institute: _________________ (contact address with locality names, street names cities and pin codes)

Official website: ________________

Date of publication: _____________ (the date on which the newsletter is being published)

The subject line: ____________________________ (gist of the content of the newsletter)

Dear __________________ (faculty/students/guardians/clients/partner_______________________________

(Content of the newsletter)

Concluding remarks: ____________________________________

Thanking Note: _______________ (signature of the concerned person)

Download Education Newsletter Template in Word Format

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