Educational Assessment Template

June 10, 2011

An educational assessment template is filled up to give a clear idea about the quality of education being provided in any institution. The results can be analyzed and compiled to improve the quality of education provided and to ensure a better learning experience for the students.
Sample Educational Assessment Template

Name of the Department: ___________
Head of the Department: ________________
Leading Skills: ________________

[Mention about the skills of the head of the department and the person’s resourcefulness and dedication to the job.]

Management Skills: ______________________

[The management of the department, whether the colleagues are co-operative or not]

Organizational Skills: __________

[The objectiveness of the department, is the department well organized and resourceful or not.]

Faculty of the Department: ____________________________________
[Number of faculty in the department and their experience]

The class arrangement: ____________
[The number of classes allotted to each teacher and their durations]

Review on the efficiency of the teachers: _______________________
[The specialty of their course materials and method of teaching]

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