Email Birthday Invitation Template

June 16, 2011

An email birthday invitation template is used to create birthday invitations that are sent via email. An email birthday invitation is more cost effective compared to the traditional birthday invitation since the host eliminates the costs that would be incurred for printing birthday cards or even posting them. Email birthday invitations are also convenient as recipients can receive the mail and respond within a short time. Anyone looking to create an email birthday invitation can use the sample template shown below.
Sample Email Birthday Invitation Template

____________ Birthday party

Dear __________________

We gladly invite you to be our guest as we celebrate the ___________ birthday of _________ Name ________.

The party will be held at _______________________ starting from ____________ till ______________ on the ____ Date _________. The theme of the day will be _______________________.




Name ______________________

Telephone number ______________
Mobile number _________________

Email address __________________

Download Email Birthday Invitation Template in Word Format

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