Promotion Letter Template

June 22, 2011

A promotion letter template bears extreme importance as it assists in composing the promotion letter for an able employee without putting in much of effort. The ready-made format of the template helps to write the letter in a well drafted form.

Sample Promotion Letter Template:


__________   (full name of the person representing the authority)

__________   (designation and department, if employee)

__________   (contact address with locality, street, city name and pin code)

_________   (personal contact number – phone/mobile)


__________   (the full name of the recipient)

_________   (designation)

_________   (name of the department and company/organization as applicable)

_________   (contact address with locality, street, city name and pin code)

Date:  ____________

Dear   ______________   (name of the person being promoted)

It is a great pleasure for us to inform that you have been promoted to the post of _____________ (the position of the new designation). We really appreciate your hard work and dedication.

Carry on your sincere work!


______________   (signature of the concerned person)

Download Promotion Letter Template in Word Format


Incoming Sample Templates:

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