Welcome Letter Template

June 22, 2011

Welcome Letter templates are helpful for writing effective welcome letters. These types of template consist of the readymade format and thus saves times and effort to draft a welcome letter. One can also make changes in the available template to draft a letter as per their requirements.

Sample Welcome Letter Template

To, _____________________ [Name of recipient],

________________________ [Address of the recipient]

Dear [Name of recipient],

Subject: Welcome letter

I was overjoyed to receive your letter and wasted no time to write a reply to it. You mentioned in your letter that you wish to stay here at my place while touring ____________________ [Name of the place]. I would be most glad to welcome you to my home. Please let me know the day and time you would be reaching so that I can pick you up.

I am awaiting your arrival with much anticipation.

With love,

___________________________ [Name of the sender]

___________________________ [Address of the sender]

___________________________ [Contact Details of the sender]

Download Welcome Letter Template in Word Format

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