Sample Memo Templates

June 24, 2011

A memo is an effective way of communicating internally within an organization, or business.  It enables different departments to communicate easily and officially with each other.  This sample memo template can be used as a guide on how to come up with a memo.  It’s easy to use and understand.

Sample Memo Templates

Name of Company: _____________________

Logo: ________________________

Address: ______________________________

Location: _____________________

State: ________________________________

Zip code: _____________________

Tel no: _______________________________

Mob no: ______________________

Fax no: _______________________________

Email address: _________________


The details of the memo should be well written as you need the person receiving the memo to understand it.  An easy to read and understand memo is a good way of passing instructions or requests.

To: ___________________________________

From: _________________________________

Date: __________________________________

Subject: ________________________________

Please state the nature or intention of this communication via a memo.  You should specify whether or not you require the recipient to reply to your memo.

Download Sample Memo Templates in Word Format


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