Marketing Presentation Template

June 28, 2011

Marketing is very essential for generating the sale of a product. It is marketing that creates awareness about the product and broadens the horizon of the product. A marketing presentation template needs to be captivating to capture the interest of the consumer. It includes the use of the product and comparison of the product with similar products of another brand.

Sample Marketing Presentation Template:

__________________ [name of the product]

Marketing presentation


_____________________ [name of the company to which the product belongs]

Summary of the market:

Past market condition with statistics

Present market condition with statistics

Future market condition with statistic

___________________________ [use of the product]


  • _____________

[Name of the competitors]

Statistics showing the current market position of the product compared to its competitors.

Target consumer:

Area: _______________ [name of areas where targeted consumers stay]

This presentation has been created by: ________________ [name of the individual who has created the presentation]

Download Marketing Presentation Template in Word Format

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