Plumbing Quotation Template

July 1, 2011

Those individuals or companies who want to hire the services of a plumber agency prepare plumbing quotation template. The template describes the necessities of client and helps the plumber to quote his price accordingly.

Sample Plumber Quotation Template

I/we__________ (Name of client) would like to hire your agency’s plumbing services fro a plumbing job at our place. Our contact details are given below:
Mailing address____________ Phone_________ Email_________
(This part gives information of client’s contact details.)
Please quote your prices for the below plumbing work:
Type of work____________
Brief description about the work_____________
Required equipments and items for plumbing_______________
Specific brand or quality we required______________________
Other requirements regarding design, size etc.__________________
(This section gives details of client requirement of plumbing work and process.)
Duration we have set for the work: From___/___/___ to___/___/___
(Here the suitable work duration will appear.)
Your quotation for the work: _____________
Labor charges___________
Other expenses____________
Total price_________________
(Here the plumber will mention his quotation for the job.)

Download Plumbing Quotation Template in Word Format

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