Web Design Quotation Template

July 1, 2011

Web Design Quotation Template is a document that you will have to fill if you are asking for price quotations from a web design company. By asking price quotations from several web design companies, you can compare the services and prices of different service providers and choose the best one as per your requirements, preferences and budget.

Sample Website Quotation Template

I, ___________________________ (name of the person filling the template) would like to hire your company to design my business website. My contact details are as follows:
Address ________________
Country: ___________________________
Email Address: ___________________________
Telephone no.: ___________________________
[The personal details of the individual]
Please quote your price to design a website as per my requirements.
Type of my Business for which I want to get a web design: ___________________________ (Details of business for which the website has to be designed)
Number of pages expected in the site: ___________________________
Number of links expected in the site: ________________________
(Expectations regarding the web design of the site)

Download Web Design Quotation Template in Word Format

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