Mechanical Engineer Resume Template

July 2, 2011

A mechanical engineer resume template gives the design of the resume of a mechanical engineer and mentions details about his knowledge in the field of engineering. The resume should have information about the person’s technical knowledge so that his resume attracts the employers and the chances of him getting a job increases.

Sample Mechanical Engineer Resume Template:

Name: ______________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________
Mobile Number: ________________________________________
Email Id: _______________________________________________
I wish to apply as a mechanical engineer in an organization where I can make use of my strong analytical and technical knowledge for the growth of the organization as well as my career path.
•    I am currently working as a mechanical engineer in _________________ [name of the automobile company] from ___________ [date of joining].
Other Experience:
•    Internship with _________ [name of the automobile company]
Academic qualification:
•    Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering from ______________ [name of the engineering college]
Will be provided on request.

Download Mechanical Engineer Resume Template in Word Format

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