Education Website Template

July 4, 2011

Education website template is specifically designed for imparting knowledge on various subjects that people usually look for. This kind of templates solves enormous purposes and increases the knowledge of the browsers of these sites.

Sample Education Website Template

Name of the education website ___________________________
Give a search of your topic by clicking the below mention subjects: [this section contains link to different subjects through which one can browse to find his exact topic]
•    Science
•    History
•    Geography
•    Mathematics
•    Computer
•    Economics
•    Engineering
•    Medical science
•    English literature / grammar
•    Political science
•    Regional languages
For subscribing detailed knowledge on any particular subject click on the link below:
Link to subscription of notes
To participate in various subject quiz to test your knowledge in particular subject log on by providing your details:
Name of the participant ___________________
Subject _______________
Email id ______________
Difficulty level of the questions ____________________

Download Education Website Template in Word Format

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