Sports Website Template

July 5, 2011

Sports website template can be used as a sample to see what goes into the design and content of a sports website. The website should contain the latest news articles, upcoming series and matches, countries playing the sport, and recent photos and videos related to the sport.

Sample Sports website template:

Name of the website:  _________________________ [With the logo]
Featured: ___________________________________________________________
[A latest article or a question that’s one every sport lover’s mind]
1.    ________vs. ___________ [Between countries, County cricket, domestic cricket]
2.    ________vs. ___________
3.    ________vs. ___________
Countries [Put click buttons to view more information]
__________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________
__________ __________ __________
Live Scores
Scoreboard | Bulletin | Register for Mobile Scores [Click to view or register]
Date and Time: ______________ Match: ______________ Weather: ______________
Date and Time: ______________ Match: ______________ Weather: ______________
Date and Time: ______________ Match: ______________ Weather: ______________
Recent Results:   ___________________________________________________
Year ________ Results
Year ________ Results
Photos and Videos
[List photos and videos of recent matches]

Download Sports Website Template in Word Format

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