Museum Curator CV Template

July 7, 2011

A museum’s cultural and historic collection is managed by a content specialist in the person of a heritage keeper or Museum Curator.  Small museums also repose the administrative and business functions on the Curator while large museums containing various artifact categories can have curators who specialize in managing each of those categories. With an extensive background in archaeology or history, the museum curator ensures that only authenticated artifacts are exhibited or kept in the museum.  They are tasked not only in exhibiting these to the public but also their preservation and security for future generations.

Sample Museum Curator CV Template

Maria T. Moorehead
Hanover St, Liverpool, England
Phone:  0151-335-7012
[email protected]
To serve as a museum curator in a private museum specializing in historic artifacts
Professional Experience
1997 – Present:  Assistant Museum Curator, War Artifacts, Lord Cromwell Museum
•    Coordinate with archeologists, and the academe as well as research labs in evaluating, dating and authenticating historic artifacts.
•    Oversee the application of security systems and coordinate with museum security to ensure that all exhibit materials are properly and securely mounted and protected.
•    Develop the procedures and 3rd party contracts for securing and preserving sensitive and priceless historic artifacts in the museum’s collection.
1995 – 2002:  Associate History Professor, Boston University
•    Conduct history classes for freshmen.
•    Assist the History Department Faculty head in development course plans.
•    Excellent interpersonal and social skills to maintain network of archeologists and professors in the academe.
•    Excellent writing and organization skills
Received award for Outstanding Museum Curator by a local civic society
1995 – 1997: MBA, Boston University
1992 – 1995: BS Archeology, Boston University
To be furnished upon request
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