Security Deposit Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A security deposit receipt template is a document which lays down the format in which
any type of security deposit receipt is designed. These types of templates are used when
an individual deposits any of his security with another individual, banking institution or
any other organization and gets a receipt of the same. These types of templates include
the details of the person who has made the deposit, type of deposit made, time for which
the deposit is being made and other related details.

Sample Security Deposit receipt template

Dated: ___________ [date on which the security deposit has been made]
Security deposit receipt number: ________
This receipt is for the security deposit made by ___________ [name of the borrower] in the form of _________ [type of security deposit made] with a total valuation of _______ [value of the security deposit] for the loan taken from _____________ [name of the financial institution] of an amount ________ [loan amount].
Signature of the lender:                         Signature of the borrower:
_________                                                 ___________

Download Security Deposit Receipt Template in Word Format

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