Lease Agreement Template

May 31, 2011

Agreement Number: _____________ [registration number of the agreement]

This lease agreement is made and entered on ___________, 2010 [date of agreement registration] between:

The Landlord:

Name: ___________________

Address: _________________

Working Phone: ___________

Hereinafter referred as the Lessor


Name of the renter: _________

Street Address: ___________, City: ___________, State: _____________PIN: _______

Contact Number: _____________ hereinafter called as the Lessee

[Contact details of both the parties who are initiating the lease agreement]

This lease agreement is valid from _______, 2010 and is terminating on: ______, 2011. [Put the required dates]

Terms & conditions:

The lessee will pay $_____________ as an advance payment to the lessor and an instalment of $___________ will be paid on ______ [date] of every month.

The lessor is agreed to offer following mentioned as initial benefits:



______________ [mention all facilities]

Acceptance of the lease agreement by the lessor and the lessee:

Signature of the Lessor: _______________

Signed by the Lessee: ________________ [both the parties are validating the agreement by signing]

Signature of the Granter: ______________ [sing of the witness]

Download Lease Agreement Template In Word Format

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