Loan Agreement Template

May 31, 2011

Agreement Number: ____________

Agreement date: ______________ [fill the registration number & date of acceptance]

This loan agreement is commenced between:

Contact details of the mortgage company:

Name: ____________________________

Address: __________________________

Phone Number: _____________________ hereinafter referred as the lender


Details of the individual:

Name: ___________________________

Address: _________________________

Landline Number: __________________ hereinafter referred as the borrower

[Fill all details as per instructions]

The lender is ready to sanction $ ____________ as the loan amount at __%. [Total loan amount along with the agreed percentage rate].

This loan agreement is valid from ___/____/____ and is ending on: ___/____/___. [Give both dates].

Terms & covenants:

The borrower will pay an instalment of $ _________ per month for ______ years. [Amount & tenure of loan]

Any late instalment will be accepted with $ _______ as a fine.

In case the borrower is unable to complete the loan following mentioned property will be auctioned to recover the loss:

________________ [property guarantee details]

Acceptance of the loan agreement:

Signed by the Lender:


Signed by the borrower:

____________________ [signed by both the parties]

Signature of the witness:

__________________ [sign of the eyewitness]

Download Loan Agreement Template In Word Format

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