Car bill of sale template

June 2, 2011

I the below undersigned party declare that am the legal and rightful owner of the vehicle in this transaction and that it is in working condition as described.

Name of Seller_______________________________


Vehicle Information

Year of Manufacture ________
Make ______________________
Model _______________________
Registration Number __________________________________________
I acknowledge receipt of the sum of___________ in form of _____________(Indicate Cash or Cheque), from:

Name of Buyer_____________________________

Address _______________________________
I hereby transfer ownership of this vehicle to the above named buyer. I confirm that this vehicle is free from any fees, taxes or encumbrances except for the ones specified in this document.

I will be responsible in the event such claims may occur after completion of this sale.

Seller _____________________Sign __________________Date________________

Buyer _____________________Sign __________________Date_______________

Witness _____________________Sign __________________Date_____________

Download Car bill of sale template in Word Format

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