Motercycle bill of Sale

June 2, 2011

The below undersigned hereby acknowledges receipt of the sum of_________ as payment for the sale of the motorcycle as described below.

Name of Seller____________________________ Sign____________________
Name of Buyer____________________________ Sign__________________

Make: __________________

Model: ____________________________

Horsepower: ______________________________-

Mileage: ____________________________

Year: ________________________

Engine Number: __________________________________
The seller hereby warrants that he/she is the legal owner of this motorcycle. That at the time of sale the motorcycle is clear of any claims, that Seller as the legal owner has the right and to sell or transfer ownership.

The seller declares that he will be liable for any claims in respect to the motorcycle.

This motorcycle is being sold with the direct consent and knowledge of the legal owner and is in full working order.

Signed: (seller) ________________________Date_____________________

Signed: (buyer) ________________________Date_______________________

Download Motercycle bill of Sale in Word Format

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