Lease Agreement Template

June 4, 2011

This lease of ______________________ made on _______________ between _______________ of address __________ hereinafter called lessor and _______________ of address ____________ hereinafter called lessee.

Lessor hereby leases property for the purpose of _____________ to lessee. The term of this lease begins on _______________ and ends on ________________.

Lessee covenants and agrees to pay $__________________ for use of aforementioned property, payable as follows ___________________________. Lessee shall keep safely and use the property carefully. Lessee shall not sell or attempt to sell the property.

Witness Name __________________Sign _________________ Date ______________

Lessor Name __________________ Sign __________________ Date ______________

Lessee Name ______________________ Sign _______________ Date _________

Download Lease Agreement Template in Word Format

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