Apology Email Template

June 17, 2011

An apology email template is the format in which an email needs to be writing when you are apologizing to someone. An apology email template can be an official as well as a personal one and in case of a formal apology email we have keep the format in mind.
Sample Apology Email Template


__________________ [name of the person whom we are apologizing]

___________________ [designation of that person in the organization]

__________________ [name of the organization]

___________________ [email id of the recipient]

Respected _____________ [name of the recipient],

I, _________________ [name of the sender] with employee id _______________ working as __________ [designation of the sender] would like to apologize for my rude behavior at the work place.

I understand that such behavior is not accepted at office and I am really ashamed of it. So I would request you to forgive me for my rude behavior and I promise that it won’t be repeated again.

Thanking you,

__________________ [name of the sender]

Download Apology Email Template in Word Format

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