Email Invitation Template

June 16, 2011

An email invitation template can be used to create email invitations for various events. Organizations that have upcoming events can use email invitation templates to create invitations that they will send out to guests. It provides a quick and easy way to create such invitations since the company will not have to create an invitation from scratch. Only small changes can be made on the template so that it fits the type of invitation being sent. It also enables companies to create professional invitations. Shown below is a sample email invitation template.
Sample Email Invitation Template

___________ Company Name _____________ invites you to come and join us in celebrating our 50th Anniversary in ________________________________

Date ___________________________________

Location ____________________________

Physical address ______________________

Time: From _________________ to _________________

We look forward to seeing you


Name __________________________________

Telephone number ________________________

Mobile Number __________________________

Email ___________________________________

Email Marketing Template

Web designers and agencies alike often use email marketing so as to provide additional services to their clients. They can therefore use an email marketing template to design their marketing tools. This makes it easier and faster as all they need to do is customize the template to whatever need they require it for. Shown below is a sample email marketing template.

Download Email Invitation Template in Word Format

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