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June 17, 2011

A free email template is designed to help companies include images and the company logo. This helps in portraying the image of the company whenever they send out email correspondence as well as email newsletters. Companies can also use this template when sending email promotions. A free email template is often available on the internet and users can customize it to meet their specific needs. Shown below is a sample free email template.
Sample Free Email Template

Company Logo

Company Name ______________________________

Company signature statement ________________________________________

Dear _____ Name ________________

Email body



Surname __________________ First Name ______________

Position Title ________________________________

Company Name _____________________________________

Company accreditation __________________________________

Brief description of company



Location of company ______________________________

Company address _________________________________

City, town, zip code _______________________________

Phone number ____________________________________

Cell phone number ________________________________

Email address _____________________________________

Website address ___________________________________

Download Free Email Template in Word Format

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