Interview Email Template

June 17, 2011

An interview email template is the format in which an email which invites a candidate for an interview for a certain designation in a company should be written. The interview email template helps to give an idea about what are the details to be mentioned in the email like the name of the candidate and the designation for which he is being hired and also the interview date.
Sample Interview Email Template
Dear ____________________ [name of the candidate],

This email is in reply to your application for the designation _____________

[name of the designation] in our organization. We would like to inform you that we are conducting an interview for that position on _____________

[date of the interview] at ________________ [venue of the interview]. We would like to request you bring a copy of your resume along with two copies of your passport photographs.
With regards,
_______________ [name of the sender]
______________ [designation of the sender]
______________ [name of the organization]
___________________________________ [address of the organization]

Download Interview Email Template in Word Format

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