Layoff Email Template

June 17, 2011

A layoff email template is the format in which an email asking an employee to leave or resign from the organization needs to be drafted. A layoff email is an official email and so in the template we need to mention few details like the name of the employee and the date from which he has to leave the company and also the reason for layoff.
Sample Layoff Email Template
_________________ [name of the recipient]
________________ [email id of the recipient]
Dear __________________ [name of the recipient],
We would like to inform that due to the current condition of the economy as a result of recession, the company has decided to go for cost cutting. So, we regret to inform you that you will have to terminate your service from ____________ [last working date of the employee]. This is a permanent layoff and we hope that you understand our situation. Your salaries and dues will be cleared.
Thanking you,
_________________ [name of the sender]
_________________ [designation of the sender]

Download Layoff Email Template in Word Format

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