Sample Email Template

June 16, 2011

An email is an electronic mail that is exchanged through a computer or a phone. It is a convenient way of communicating that is much faster than ordinary mail. Messages exchanged via email are digital and they are based on a model of store and forward.  Below is a sample email template.

Sample Email Template

Date: ________________________________________

To: (the email address of the recipient (s) _________________________

Add Cc / Add Bcc: (incase of other preferred recipients) ___________________

From: _______________________________________________

Subject line: (topic) ___________________________________________

Who (the contact person) ______________________________________

Body:  Hi, I would like to confirm whether you got the invoice I sent you yesterday. It has the full details as per our discussion on phone. My sales department has also acted accordingly. I kindly await your action before the week ends. (This covers the details below).

Purpose: ___________________________________________

Background: _________________________________________

What (subject matter) __________________________________

When (deadline) _______________________________________

Benefits (to audience) ___________________________________

Action requested _______________________________________

Signature block _________________________________________

Download Sample Email Template in Word Format

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