Education Brochure Template

June 10, 2011

An education brochure template is very important as it tells about the various details of the institute, including the facilities it is able to provide to the students. The amenities in different streams or a particular stream, as applicable, are advertised in a streamlined manner with the help of a well drafted template, saving both time and effort to do so.
Sample education brochure template:

Name: _________ (full name of the educational institute)

___________ (tagline, image, logo of the institute)

Official website: ____________ (e-address)

Department name (if applicable): ______________

Address: ___________ (locality, street, city names, pin code)

Dear _____ (to whom it may concern)


(A welcome note addressing to the target audience)

History: ___________ (the institute’s history)

The departments and faculties ______________ (a detailed mentioning)

The facilities ___________ (the amenities provided by the institute)

Milestones and achievements: _______

__________________ (point-wise mentioning)

(Future growth plans, funding details, tuitions and scholarships and other specifications)

_____________ (thanking note and signature of the concerned person)


Download Education Brochure Template in Word Format

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